At Sirius Sports Management we provide representation to professional athletes by supporting them in contract negotiations transfers and mentoring services.

We operate as a qualified Football Association Intermediary on behalf of players, agents or football clubs holding an enhanced DBS certificate to represent minors.


We at Sirius are passionate about the service experience that we deliver to our clients and this shines through in our professionalism in all that we do.


This work includes but is not limited to:

Negotiating contracts to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients

Securing the most lucrative endorsements and sponsorship deals with brands that reflect your own ethical and sustainable values

Organising TV, radio and digital appearances whilst offering specialised media training

Supporting individuals with social media presence
Being proactive in uncovering opportunities for clients to further their careers

Access to specialist partners who provide further lifestyle services

Providing continued personal development with particular focus on social, technical/tactical, physical and psychological, skills and behaviours




Working with individuals on a one to one basis showing added value to the relationship provides us with the safety of a strong working relationship.



We know there can be a thin line between the perception of success and failure. We firmly believe at Sirius by surrounding yourself with the best support framework and trusting that intelligence and hard work will bring out those positive expectations that you deserve.



Care is an integral component of our shared values. We at Sirius are like-minded individuals with a common mindset with yourself to succeed in your profession. We offer you choice, dignity, individuality and respect.



Effective and open communication with our clients is key to a healthy and successful partnership. We work with you to build a preferable contact strategy to make you comfortable with our continued level of engagement.


Teamwork – We know that in any sport having a winning team there by your side who have got your back can be the difference between good to great. By continuing to build a team to support you we are able to provide you with like-minded individuals all working towards a common goal.

Courtesy – We value the work of our people which include you, our team at Sirius and our trusted partners working always with this mutual respect.

Proactivity – We will open doors to provide opportunities for you to maximise your talent within your chosen sport and beyond.

Right first time – We feel that working efficiently together is the way to succeed. At Sirius we will strive to deliver a service to you that has been measured, analysed, improved and then is presented to you in the correct format supported by our core values.

At Sirius we will always discuss your individual goals and objectives and will guide you through a range of options and services to help you achieve these. If you require specialist assistance we will help you connect with our network of trusted advisors which range from leading sports coaches, media strategists and trainers, social influencers and financial planners.


At Sirius every client has regular scheduled contact and meetings to develop a shared relationship plan working to common goals for the individual and their family.

Open ended support is available for you and your family, whether you are buying a car, planning your holiday or looking for your dream house, we are equipped to provide help and support to achieve your goals.

Every client has access to products and services designed to meet your needs.

These include but are not limited to:

Investing for The Future

Looking at the future and investing in your earned wealth is something that should be considered. Whether it be maximising on your tax position, purchasing additional properties or investing in a managed portfolio we can support you with these.

Protecting Your Wealth

We at Sirius are here to ensure your money and assets are protected and shared according to your wishes.

Protection and Security

Client confidentiality is paramount to a successful relationship and we pride ourselves in the discreet and secure way that we operate.


We recognise that all of our clients and their families can go through difficult and tough times at any point. Whether it be a dip in form, lack of self-confidence, bereavement, addiction or financial difficulty, we here at Sirius are here to guide and support you to get back on track.


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